Petroglyphware: Neolithic Series
Neolithic: Neo or new + lithos or stone in Greek refers to the Late Stone Age period. The Neolithic period followed the Mesolithic/Middle and Paleolithic/Old periods. It dates approximately 9000-3000 BC with the development of stone tools, settlements, agriculture, domesticating animals, mound and stone architecture for spiritual practices.

It was during the Neolithic period that works in clay began:
The Birth of Crafts.

This prolific period has left a profound mark.
Its petroglyphs, petro or rock + glyph or carving in Greek, mark celestial and mystical recordings, which include the oldest known eclipse dating Nov 30, 3350 BC in Co. Meath, Ireland. The same and similar symbols are found around the world from petroglyphs of this period leaving us universal footnotes from a time when man lived in rhythm with nature and the environment.

Primary Producerware: Arrived Spring 2018!
This series magnifies the ancient basis of our ecosystem sustaining all life.
The ocean’s mighty microscopic marine organisms help photosynthesize over 50% of earth’s oxygen alone, providing every other breath we breathe. Think about that. Diatoms alone produce over 25% of our planet’s oxygen from salt and fresh water to moisture in the soil. Find more information about these gems swimming through this tableware series on the La Mer Single-Cell Mingle page of this site.

See Spring Studio Sale page for a peek at Primary Producerware until updated here.

Hand-made sturdy stoneware. Each unique with sizes approximate to .5”.
Food safe, dishwasher, microwave and ovenproof.
Every piece available individually and in choice of discounted place setting options.

Contact Marguerita to inquire & order by phone:
Shipping & Pick-Up can be arranged.

Select a matching set or diverse combo from the clay & glaze options:
•3 clay bodies: red, speckled and blush
•4 glazes: white, moss, plum, créme brûlée

Primary Producerware pairs beautifully with the Petroglyphware

Sizes & Prices:
Plates (round):
3”: $10
5”: $20
7”: $30
9.5”-10": $45
12" Charger: $75 (works as a sturdy serving piece or dramatic frame for place setting)

Platters (oval):
Small- 11” x 8”: $45
Medium- 13.5”-14” x 10”:$75
Large- 17” x 12”: $150
Grand (wide rim)-19.5” x 14”: $225

Petit: 4.25” x 1.25”: $20
Small: 5.25” x 2”: $30
Medium: 8" x 3": $50
Low: 9.5” x 1.5”: $50
Large: 13.5” x 3”: $175
Grand: 17.5” x 4”: $275

Place Setting Suggestions (sets discounted):
5 piece: 4 plates & low bowl: $130
6 piece: 4 plates, petit & low bowls: $150
7 piece: 4 plates, petit, small & low bowls: $180
8 piece: 5 plates (+Charger), petit, small & low bowls: $250
9 piece: 5 plates, petit, small, low & medium bowls:$290

Images: Neolithic Petroglyphware
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Special Order
Petroglyphware: Neolithic Series: Special Order

Plate, Platters & Bowls
Petroglyphware: Plate, Platters & Bowls

Petit & Low Bowls, Plates & Platter
Petroglyphware: Petit & Low Bowls, Plates & Platter

Créme Brûlée on Red Clay
Low Bowl Detail: Créme Brûlée on Red Clay

White, Plum, Moss & Créme Brûlée
3 Clays:Blush,Speckle,Red &4 Glazes: White, Plum, Moss & Créme Brûlée

Glazes on Blush & Red Clays
White, Plum, Créme Brûlée & Moss : Glazes on Blush & Red Clays

Plates- 3" & 7" 

Plates: 3" & 7" 

Ancient pre-Gaelic Language (Druid)
Moss on Red 5" pl. w/ Ogham script : Ancient pre-Gaelic Language (Druid)

3", 5", 7" & 9.5" Plates
Plum on Blush Clay: 3", 5", 7" & 9.5" Plates

on 5" Red Clay Plates
White, Moss, Créme Brûlée & Plum: on 5" Red Clay Plates

on Petit Red Clay Bowls
White, Moss, Créme Brûlée & Plum: on Petit Red Clay Bowls

Petit Bowl
White on Red Clay: Petit Bowl

Underside Petit Bowl
Moss on Red Clay: Underside Petit Bowl

Low & Petit Bowls & 4 Plates
Créme Brûlée on Red, 6 pc Setting: Low & Petit Bowls & 4 Plates

Low Bowl
Créme Brûlée on Red : Low Bowl

Underside Low Bowl
Créme Brûlée on Red : Underside Low Bowl

Low Bowl & 4 Plates
Moss on Speckle, 5 pc Setting: Low Bowl & 4 Plates

Dinner Plate
Moss on Speckle: Dinner Plate

Medium Platter
Plum on Red: Medium Platter

Medium Platter
Plum on Red: Medium Platter

Ogham Script
Moss on Blush, Detail Med. Platter: Ogham Script

Small Platter
White on Red: Small Platter

Small Platter
Moss on Red: Small Platter